Rehab Insurance Coverage

If you're exploring treatment options for substance abuse, one of the primary concerns might be whether insurance covers rehab expenses. The good news is that many insurance policies do provide coverage for drug and alcohol rehab. However, the extent of the coverage can vary based on individual policies and specific situations. To get a clear picture of what your insurance covers, it's best to verify your insurance benefits with our expert team.

Types of Treatment Covered by Insurance Providers

Insurance policies might not cover all rehab programs uniformly. Typically, insurance providers are more inclined to cover outpatient rehab due to its cost-effectiveness compared to inpatient treatment. Nevertheless, the exact coverage can differ among policies, with some offering broader coverage than others. To determine your specific rehab insurance coverage, reach out to Crescent Moon Recovery, and our team will assist in verifying your insurance details.

Medi-Cal and Rehab Treatment

Medi-Cal, a state-funded health program, is accepted by many public health providers in California. It offers similar benefits as other health plans under Covered California, often at low or no cost. Medi-Cal can be used to cover addiction treatment services, but it's essential to note that not all rehab programs accept Medi-Cal. Those that do might require a referral from primary care physicians, deeming the treatment "medically necessary." Priority is often given to pregnant women, individuals with urgent needs, those with mental health issues, intravenous drug users, and parents with young children at risk.

Policy Enhancements for Substance Abuse Treatment

Thanks to the U.S. government's approval of the Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System (DMC-ODS) Waiver in 2015, there has been a significant expansion in services. This policy mandates the inclusion of evidence-based practices in addiction treatment. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) also ensures that most health plans cover a wide range of Essential Health Benefits, including various addiction treatment services.

Why Crescent Moon Recovery?

We do not accept state-funded rehab programs, but we will always try to help anyone that calls seeking assistance. Seeking treatment for substance abuse is a brave step, and understanding insurance coverage can make the journey smoother. At Crescent Moon Recovery, we're committed to guiding you through the insurance verification process and ensuring you receive the best care possible. If you have questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

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