California Rehab Admissions

A California rehab admissions team will likely be a participant's first point of contact with a drug and alcohol recovery center. An individual or their loved one will contact admissions to learn more about the facility and explain their unique situation and what they are struggling with. This first conversation will set the tone for a participant's first few days in treatment. During this call, topics of conversation will focus on treatment needs, payment, living accommodations, and transportation for the participant. 

Knowing what kind of interactions can be expected through the admission process will ease many of the anxieties that come with this huge transition in an individual's life. 

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Admission to Crescent Moon Recovery

When an individual is seeking treatment at Crescent Moon Recovery for substance use disorder (SUD), the first contact will normally be a phone call. During this phone call, a member of our highly qualified team will learn more about a participant's situation, struggles, and health to gain more insight into the best courses of treatment for them. Even though it seems like just a phone call, the member of our staff will assist the participant throughout every step of their treatment process.

During this introductory phone call, participants may be asked questions about: 

  • What substance(s) they have used or are currently using
  • Their medical history
  • Any withdrawal symptoms that may be present
  • Their mental health

These questions will be very helpful in determining the level of care a participant will need upon their admission into our outpatient treatment program. Through this conversation, our team will be able to make sure a participant will be able to have full access to any of our services that will aid them in their road to recovery. 

Transportation and Settling In

Once we gain all of the necessary information about a participant prior to treatment, the same person who conducted the phone call will begin to arrange the participant's travel from their desired location to our facility in Orange County, California. Once they arrive on-site, we can begin the intake process by moving them into one of our sober living homes that will best fit their needs and goals for recovery. 

The participant will get settled into their new home, meet their housemates, and begin therapy the day they arrive at Crescent Moon Recovery. They will meet a lot of new people who will ensure they receive the highest level of care for SUD and any co-occurring disorders. These individuals will include a therapist, case manager, psychiatrist, and doctor. This may seem overwhelming at first, but these one-on-one meetings are scheduled to simply introduce a participant to the specialists who will be conducting their treatment. 

Group Therapy

On the first day, our participants will attend group therapy which will help them learn more about their peers and the treatment they will receive on a day-to-day basis. Beginning to build fellowship with peers will allow a participant to feel supported and included in Crescent Moon's mission to rebuild individuals' lives in recovery from drugs or alcohol. 

During these group discussions, participants will learn:

  • Better communication skills
  • Life skills
  • Positive coping mechanisms 
  • Relapse prevention 
  • Anger management 
  • Drug and alcohol education
  • Self-help education 

Why Crescent Moon Recovery?

Crescent Moon Recovery provides high-quality, patient-centered treatment for anyone suffering from the effects of substance use and any co-occurring disorders. Rather than informing our participants of their needs and goals in recovery, we assist them with this discovery through open and honest conversation. 

Once our participants have shared with us their desired outcome of treatment, we employ evidence-based therapeutic modalities that will provide whole-person care. We place special importance on community, and Orange County is the national hub of the recovery community. We introduce our participants to a team of individuals who view their success in recovery as the ultimate goal. 

Drug or alcohol use disorders are often detrimental to an individual's relationships and physical, mental, and spiritual health. Take the first steps toward recovery and living the life you want by calling Crescent Moon Recovery at (844) 901-4911 today to begin an open conversation with a member of our team to begin the admission process.

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