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Addiction Treatment In California

Crescent Moon Recovery operates addiction treatment centers in Orange County, CA providing both drug rehab and alcohol rehab to men and women. Specializing in dual diagnosis, we treat those suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, and related conditions with a multimodal approach to recovery, incorporating the most useful components of the conventional treatment model, evidence-based therapeutic interventions, and novel strategies to promote the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of recovery, so our patients can return to their lives with a new skillset to support relapse prevention and catalyze a personal transformation into the best versions of themselves.

The model of Orange County drug rehabs that predominates the addiction treatment marketplace was developed iteratively over the preceding decades and is largely rooted in historic industry conventions. Although this model has demonstrated efficacy in helping a subset of people struggling with addictions achieve recovery, a vast majority of people entering treatment relapse into their addictions in less than one year. Furthermore, there are such significant barriers to receiving this care that, according to a recent study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, fewer than half of those suffering from addiction seek the care they need.

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Why Crescent Moon Recovery 

Holistic Therapy

Experiential therapy is found at the core of all our rehab programs

Wellness  Program

Healthy eating habits and personal lifestyle choices for better overall health

Group Home

Sober living facilities close to the beach and other amenities


Post care and alumni meetings to assist with lasting sobriety in recovery

Alcohol Rehab 

Our alcohol treatment program includes alcohol detox & rehab and 12-Steps

Drug Treatment

Drug rehab is typically preceded by entry into our drug detox program

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

We specialize in treatment of co-ocurring disorders

Mental Health Rehab

Licensed practitioners mean you are in the safest hands!

Our Residential Treatment Center In Southern California

Crescent Moon Recovery and our trusted partners provide access to high quality sober living homes close to the beaches in Orange County.
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Our Counselors Can Help You Avoid A Relapse

Alcohol detox or drug detox is often the first step of any addiction treatment program in Orange County. In this program patients can end their dependence on drugs and alcohol and begin their road to sobriety with substance-specific withdrawal from Cocaine detox to Opiate detox and everything in between.

From our intpatient rehab facility we provide ongoing medical care and treatment of withdrawal symptoms as well as support for managing cravings. Outpatient treatment provides for a less intensive program and fits in with work and family obligations.
Our commitment to relapse prevention is found in our recovery program. Pateints continue to receive counseling and support in individual and group sessions to adopt and maintain healthy coping strategies learned during treatment.
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Drug Rehab Centers In Orange County, CA

Where better to begin your journey to recovery than in sunny Southern California?  
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Relapse Prevention

A common metric measuring the effectiveness of addiction treatment is assessing patient sobriety after one year. With fewer than half of patient’s achieving success using the conventional model, Crescent Moon’s structure places special emphasis on preparing patients to discharge form the program with the tools they need to succeed in their sobriety and wider goals. To close this gap in patient success, Crescent Moon Recovery tailors a discharge plan to each patient with a wide array of resources including:

Therapy sessions including family/spouse
Skills training
Skills training
Trade instruction and apprenticeship opportunities
Continuity of care following discharge with a seamless transition in
Medical/Psychiatric care
Trade instruction and apprenticeship opportunities
Trade instruction and apprenticeship opportunities
Crescent Moon Alumni Membership
Continuity of care following discharge with a seamless transition in
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Substance Abuse Treatment
in Southern California

Treatment Center FAQ’s

We do not take Medi-Cal at Crescent Moon Recovery but we welcome your call and will be happy to help you find a facility nearby that meets your needs.
Crescent Moon Recovery is able to work with almost every type of insurance. Give us a call and we can tell you in a few minutes what your insurance is willing to cover. In the rare case  when we cannot accept your insurance, we will do the work for you to find you the right treatment center for your needs.

We offer PHP and IOP & outpatient levels of care and partner with closely with trusted detox centers in Orange County, Long Beach and Los Angeles to ensure we find you the quality care you deserve. Our addiction counselors will assist you in finding the best program for you.

Crescent Moon Recovery takes great pride in being a smaller program in population relative to other providers in our area. We find it to be much easier to tailor each individuals' treatment needs in this case. We offer CBT, Relapse Prevention, Recovery Tools, Family Therapy, Psychotherapy, DBT and Mindfulness. We also place a strong emphasis on Trauma-Informed Care.
Group programing starts at 9:00 am at our center where you'll participate in various group therapies, as well as meeting with your therapist and case manager 1 on 1 at least once a week. Programming wraps up at the 12 pm and 3:30 pm time frames where we break from groups and therapy from the day, and provided with options for outside fellowships to attend in the evenings. Various experiential outings and fitness courses are offered in addition to normal programming.
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Evidenced based rehab and mental health treatment for men and women

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