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Irvine drug rehab is the leading addiction term for people living in Irvine, CA. While alcohol rehab in Irvine is also needed, we have noted that drugs are the wider issue in the city. Perhaps due to the affluence of many of the locals. Whether you are new to rehab or have dealt with relapses, we can help. We offer transformative services for people struggling with substance abuse disorders and coexisting mental health issues.
Our experienced Irvine drug rehab team has specializations in medical fields associated with medically assisted detox, rehabilitation strategies, and therapy. With their expertise, we manage to develop individualized treatment plans that accommodate unique aspects of your recovery goals.

More importantly, integrating a patient-centric treatment in our Irvine drug rehab plan maximizes the chances of recovery. It ensures that you are comfortable and at peace with every phase of your rehabilitation process. Additionally, working with patients makes it easier to identify weaknesses and signs of relapse early on in the treatment. This gives us a chance to adjust and adapt to the changing needs of our patients.

Rest assured, our rehab facilities offer the best care possible on this coast. We take great pride in providing a relaxed and positive environment to our patients. These are supported by science-backed techniques, mental health therapy, medically assisted detox, and addiction treatment programs.

Together, we can direct you towards a safe and happy route to recovery.

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Substance Abuse Treatment

Thousands of people deal with substance abuse disorders each year. Everyday stressors, traumatic experiences, financial crises, and lifestyle choices are common causes of addiction. Without intervention, individuals develop a lifelong dependency on drugs and alcohol.

Our addiction rehabilitation center in Irvine breaks the vicious cycle through holistic and practical anti-addiction programs. These treatment plans are led by a multidisciplinary team of specialists who combine years of experience and customized strategies with supporting patients.
Our advanced addiction care services cover everything from initial consultation, peer-based group, and mental health services to medically assisted detox.
We achieve reliable results by ensuring that a specialist stays with you every step of the way.

Starting recovery can be intimidating and challenging. We simplify the process through attentive care and research-based addiction treatment programs.

Drug Rehab Facility

The opioid epidemic is a prevailing problem in the country. A significant portion of addicts is prompted by prescribed pain medication (i.e., morphine, oxycodone, fentanyl, etc.). Other causes include peer pressure, daily stressors, and the addictive qualities of recreational activities.

Medically assisted detox programs are an effective way to stop addiction. We combine them with group counseling, individualized therapy sessions, and medical interventions.

Besides prescribed medication, we treat substance abuse disorders featuring:

  • Barbiturates
  • Benzos
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Hallucinogens
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Meth
  • Opiates


Aftercare planning and post-rehab treatment techniques play a pivotal role in preventing relapse. These strategies teach patients how to manage withdrawal symptoms and adopt structured routines for a smoother transition.

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Alcohol Rehab Irvine

Alcoholism can range from mild to severe drinking habits. Each stage requires proper attention and professional support at an Irvine alcohol rehab to minimize the social and health implications of drinking.

Our alcohol treatment center plays an active role in relapse prevention. We give addicts a chance to recognize and resolve underlying issues that hinder progress. Each program begins with a one-on-one session with our experts to understand the reasons for alcohol abuse. We use this information to develop a patient-oriented treatment plan.

Recovering addicts receive unbiased advice on how to deal with high-risk situations while maintaining sobriety. Additionally, you meet individuals who are going through a similar process. These interactions allow you to build meaningful ties within the community that help you live clean and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Addiction Treatment Programs In Irvine

Every addict’s story is different. Having a versatile range of options acknowledges the uniqueness of your journey. Additionally, it ensures that you receive the best treatment possible. Our goal-oriented rehabilitation program is designed to address recurring challenges and anticipated obstacles during recovery.

Our Irvine drug rehab centralizes treatment programs on the individual needs and requirements of each patient. We do this by aligning our services according to lifestyle and behavioral patterns. That way, you have a better chance of applying rehabilitation techniques into your daily routines.

Moreover, you learn to live life to the fullest without depending on alcohol or drugs. These programs include withdrawal symptom management techniques, medical interventions, and counseling.

Here’s a snapshot of addiction treatment programs.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

A PHP offers a structured schedule for recovering addicts who prefer to live with their family and friends during treatment. These individuals often have adequate support at home and only require day-to-day assistance in staying away from temptation.

As the name suggests, these programs require patients to spend a significant amount of time within the facilities. We generally assign short-term group therapy sessions and skilled-based workshops to keep them engaged and mentally stimulated.


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

IOP refers to a specific number of scheduled visits for treatment. Unlike PHP, it offers a more flexible schedule. Patients receive onsite counseling, peer-based therapy, and professional support in handling withdrawal symptoms.

In most cases, this treatment plan works for patients who no longer need medically assisted detox or 24/7 supervision to maintain sobriety.


Outpatient Treatment Program

Outpatient treatment programs are offered to patients who are unable to enroll for residential/inpatient treatment. Our team schedules frequent appointments within the facility for these patients to address individual addiction, discuss coexisting mental health problems and receive proper counseling individually and with peers (or families).

Scheduling depends on several factors. These include the length of addiction, the severity of substance abuse, and the patient’s progress with rehabilitation.

Mental Health Treatment

Battling substance abuse disorders can take a toll on your mental health and vice versa. When that happens, your life spirals into an endless cycle of feeling depressed, unloved, unmotivated, and discontentment. Patients observe a loss of interest in social and professional obligations.

Consequently, their mental health issues become a major obstacle during recovery.

Crescent Moon Recovery of Irvine, LLC strives to resolve this through well-integrated addiction treatment programs. Unconstructive behavioral patterns and negative thinking lay at the core of this roadblock. We hope to overcome these challenges via rehabilitation strategies focus on mental health therapy and active relapse prevention through research-based techniques.

Our therapists aim to facilitate recovery by offering mental and emotional support. Their continuous assistance allows recovering addicts to address mixed feelings and doubts related to rehabilitation. Additionally, it provides them with the final boost of encouragement they need to keep moving forward.

Our rehabilitation treatment center in Irvine offers the following mental health consultation services:

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis deals with coexisting mental health issues and substance abuse disorders. There are two possibilities of why patients struggle with cognitive capabilities and experience distress during treatment. Firstly, stress, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder might preexist and push individuals towards addition. Or they might develop mental health challenges after years of addiction.

Luckily, we offer mental health treatment programs in both situations. Our customized treatment plans feature group therapy, private counseling, and self-help training to handle stressful situations. Adding to this our behavioral therapy sessions, withdrawal management support, and medically assisted detoxification.



Anxiety can have debilitating effects on a patient’s life. It can compel them to continue addiction or demean their efforts towards recovery. Common signs of anxiety include irritability, headaches, nausea, insomnia, and unsteady heart rate.

Our trained therapists assist you in silencing intrusive thoughts through coping techniques. These are accompanied by one-on-one sessions, skill-based activities, relaxation exercises, etc. Adequate support allows patients to overpower anxiety-ridden thoughts and focus on recovery.



Many recovering addicts experience low energy and dissatisfaction with life when they quit drugs or alcohol. These can lead to disrupted sleep cycles, lack of concentration, lethargy, mood imbalance, amongst other issues. Early intervention can minimize the risks of relapse.

Our practical mental health programs cover group counseling sessions and private therapy to address childhood trauma, self-esteem issues, and life-altering events. With our support, you have a better chance of dealing with depression and addiction.


Drug Detox Irvine

Medication assisted detox programs use antagonistic medication and 24/7 supervision to manage severe withdrawal symptoms. Having clinical support ensures that patients can access the best care and support possible during this crucial phase in their recovery process.

The program aims to create a controlled environment where medical interventions can support the fatal and non-fatal side effects of cutting your daily drug/alcohol consumption.

In short, our dedicated team aspires to offer comprehensive rehabilitation services in Irvine. With our assistance, recovering patients transition into a cleaner and greener environment at a healthier pace.

If you or your loved ones are struggling with substance abuse, we are here to help. Crescent Moon Recovery of  Irvine, LLC presents positive and transformative solutions to deal with rehabilitation. Visit our drug detox in Irvine to find the ideal addiction treatment program for you.


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Covering approximately 66 square miles, Irvine is a pretty large city in Orange County. This family-oriented town is decorated with elegant houses and scattered bike paths. It is home to several Fortune 500 companies and is where community, nature, and business overlap.

Irvine boasts numerous preserved natural habitats with long miles of hiking trails. Visitors love going on a thrilling expedition on the Bommer Canyon Trail and Quail Hill Trail. For art lovers interested in California’s history, the Institute and Museum of California Art features 3,200 artworks in various genres and mediums.

The beautiful city is also known for its cocktails. The Aura Bar and Grill at the Hilton Irvine invites visitors to experience delicious American cuisine with a dash of Californian taste. The gardens in Irvine are also breathtaking. The University of California, Irvine Arboretum is a massive botanical garden that displays a wide selection of plants from California Floristic Province and South Africa.

Irvine Ranch Historic Park is also one of the favorite destination spots for tourists. Original buildings, such as the Irvine Family Home and the Katie Wheeler Library, stand tall at this architectural landmark, promising to leave visitors astonished to their core.

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