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Orange County rehab is the hot topic on the Pacific Coast due to the number of facilities providing treatment. Addiction is a serious problem that can cause a person to experience a wide range of health, psychological, and behavioral effects that worsen as they continue to take the drug in question. When looking at various drugs such as heroin and cocaine, it's important to understand that these drugs cause chemical changes to occur in the brain which makes it more difficult to stop. Substance abuse occurs whenever you take a drug without a prescription or at a higher dose than you've been prescribed. Over time, substance abuse can turn into addiction. If you want to begin your path to recovery, it's highly recommended that you enter an Orange County rehab. This guide offers an in-depth look at substance abuse rehab and the importance of entering a program for long-term recovery.

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What Does Rehab in Orange County Entail?

When you enter an addiction treatment program for drugs or alcohol, there are a variety of different therapies that you will receive, all of which are designed to aid you in your path to recovery. The purpose of drug rehab is to provide patients with a full continuum of care that will allow them to manage their cravings and obtain long-lasting recovery. The end goal for drug rehab is to make sure that the affected individual is able to lead a healthy and normal life that's free from alcohol or drugs. Most programs include four separate elements, which extend to the initial intake assessment, medical detoxification, residential rehab, and an aftercare program like sober living.

Initial Intake Assessment

his is the first phase of any Orange County rehab program in Southern California. During the intake assessment at our facility, you will be tasked with discussing your addiction, the amount of drugs you're currently taking, your current condition, your mental and physical health, and your motivation for recovery. 

If you believe that you are suffering from mental health disorders, now would be the time to mention this. It's also important that you choose a rehab center in Orange County that accommodates the specific drug that you're addicted to. While most centers include therapy for various drug names like cocaine and heroin, it may be difficult to find ones that provide personalized care for lesser-known drugs like PHP.

Medical Detoxification

Medical detox is another highly important component of drug rehab in Southern California that must be completed before you can continue on to other treatments. The point of detoxification is to make sure that the withdrawal process is controlled. Whether you enter residential rehab or intensive outpatient drug rehab, detoxification will occur before anything else. 

Without going through the detox process, you would be left to manage the withdrawal symptoms on your own. Keep in mind that withdrawal symptoms inevitably occur when you attempt to stop taking drugs or alcohol that you have become addicted to. These symptoms can differ in severity depending on the extent of your addiction and the type of drug that you currently take. In many cases, the cravings for the drug will become intense, which is why many individuals are unable to remain sober on their own without first entering rehab. Various drug names like methamphetamine and benzodiazepines tend to have the most severe withdrawal symptoms. 

When you take part in detox, medical professionals will be on hand 24/7 to make sure that your symptoms never become too severe. Various drug names can be administered during this process to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. The various drug names that you might notice when you enter detox include naltrexone, antidepressants, benzodiazepines, methadone, and buprenorphine. 

Only a small amount of a drug is administered during the detoxification process. Keep in mind that the length of this process differs depending on the severity of the alcohol or drug addiction. While it's possible for the drug to leave your body and for withdrawal symptoms to dissipate in just a few days, the detoxification process could take upwards of two weeks. Once you have safely progressed past the withdrawal phase, you should be ready for additional addiction treatment.

Residential Rehab in Orange County

Residential rehab is provided to individuals who enter inpatient treatment centers in Orange County. This form of rehab is considered to be ideal because the patient is required to stay in the residential facility on a 24/7 basis until the drug rehab program has been completed, which means that the patient will be in a drug-free environment. When entering a residential rehab center, it's possible to stay there for anywhere from one month to over one year. The purpose of residential rehab or intensive outpatient rehab for drug abuse is to make sure that the affected individual is able to learn how to manage their addiction and the cravings that come with it.

Aftercare Program in Orange County

Addiction treatment doesn't end once you or a loved one has completed a residential or outpatient program. The drug rehab center that you enter should assist you in transitioning back to your everyday life, which should make it easier for you to maintain a drug-free life. Aftercare programs can take many different forms and may include a stay in an aftercare facility, integration into a sober living environment or halfway house, or vocational support. 

A sober living home is a group residence for individuals who are currently recovering from addiction. Along with being in a group setting, people who stay in sober living homes can remain busy by doing chores throughout the home. The purpose of entering a sober living home is to safely transition from drug rehab to an independent life.

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Types of Programs Available to You

While inpatient programs will include all of the aspects of drug rehab mentioned previously, it's possible to enter several different treatment programs that aren't always comprised of the same components. For instance, a patient may choose to obtain medical detoxification without progressing through the remainder of drug or alcohol rehab, which can include everything from individual therapy to group counseling. The three programs available to you include detoxification, residential rehab, and intensive outpatient programs.


As mentioned previously, detoxification is typically the first step of recovering from addiction and can accommodate various drug names. This process is designed to help you or a loved one get through the standard withdrawal symptoms. While these symptoms can vary depending on the drug you take as well as the severity of the addiction, they can include everything from anxiety and fatigue to vomiting and seizures. These symptoms will be at their most severe while the drug is still in your body. It's only after the withdrawal process has finished that you can move on to additional phases of treatment.

Rehab Centers in Orange County

Residential rehab is one of the two addiction treatment programs that you can obtain. The option that you choose depends on your preference and the type of rehab that you believe will be most effective at helping you manage your addiction. Inpatient drug rehab involves a lengthy stay in a residential facility on a 24/7 basis. When in this facility, you will be among other individuals who are suffering from similar addiction and mental health issues. The treatments that can be administered to you in a residential drug rehab center include family therapy, individual therapy, and group therapy.

Outpatient Rehab

If you want to enter an intensive outpatient program, this form of drug rehab allows you to go about your everyday life as you attend the program. You will be tasked with attending therapy several days each week for a few hours each day. The main benefit of entering this form of rehab in Orange County is that you will still be able to keep your work or school schedule while attending sessions. 

Keep in mind that all of the same options that are provided in inpatient treatment are available in one of these programs, which means that you will receive individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy. While this form of drug rehab is considered to be convenient, it may not be the most effective option for you. When you enter an intensive outpatient program, you will still be able to go home every night, which heightens the possibility that you relapse if you continue to have access to the drug that you have become addicted to. As such, inpatient drug rehab should be the ideal solution.

Special Treatments at Rehabilitation Centers In Orange County

Along with the basic treatments that are provided through the majority of rehab facilities, there are also some specialty treatments that you should look for before making a decision on an Orange County rehab center that you wish to attend. These treatments are available for any substance use disorder, which includes all alcohol and drug issues.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy is a cognitive-behavioral therapy that's designed to teach patients how to control their emotions, manage stress, and enhance their relationships. While this particular therapy began as a treatment for mental health issues like borderline personality disorder, it has since been adopted for the purpose of treating a wide range of problems, which include everything from post-traumatic stress disorder to self-destructive behaviors. 

The philosophical process that serves as the basis for DBT is dialectics, which states that everything is interconnected, that change is inevitable and constant, and that opposites can come together through a dialogue. In regards to drug rehab in Orange County, DBT is typically used to help the affected individual reach self-acceptable while also understanding the importance of changing themselves for the better. DBT is most commonly used in group settings and via individual therapy. There are a variety of different strategies that could be administered during this aspect of drug rehab, which include everything from interpersonal effectiveness to core mindfulness.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a kind of psychological remedy that can be used for a wide range of conditions, which extend to anxiety disorders, eating disorders, depression, mental illness, and addiction to various drug names. When treating addiction, cognitive behavioral therapy helps people better understand that harmful emotions and actions aren't logical. This form of therapy can be very helpful in allowing people who are recovering from addiction to identify the reason why they started using drugs in the first place, which is a key component of long-lasting rehabilitation. 

If you're thinking about obtaining addiction treatment that also assists you with any mental health disorders that you suffer from, cognitive behavioral therapy is commonly used to treat co-occurring disorders, which include:

  • Anxiety
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Various eating disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder

With cognitive behavioral therapy, you will learn about the negative thoughts that might have triggered your abuse of drugs or alcohol. As you progress through cognitive behavioral therapy, the program will assist in teaching you effective communication skills, making it easier for you to dismiss the negative thoughts and insecurities that bring about substance abuse, and giving you the tools needed to improve your mood. 

Along with recognizing the triggers that bring about your substance abuse, this form of therapy can help you avoid triggers and cope with the thoughts and emotions that may factor into your addiction. The top drug rehab facilities will offer cognitive behavioral therapy. The CBT techniques that may be administered to you during addiction treatment include behavioral experiments, thought records, and imagery-based exposure.

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

Rational emotive behavioral therapy can be highly beneficial on your road to recovery. This therapy focuses on irrational thoughts and beliefs that could be contributing to your drug and alcohol problems. Throughout this therapy, your beliefs will be examined thoroughly to determine how they play a part in the cravings that you experience for the drug that you're addicted to. You'll learn how to question your reactions, how to respond better to your cravings, and how to develop healthier behavioral patterns. Along with addressing your addiction, rational emotive behavioral therapy is effective at examining the underlying causes for your addiction.

When Dual Diagnosis is Necessary

Dual diagnosis is a highly important option for drug rehab that's designed to treat addiction and mental health issues. Many people who suffer from substance abuse are also affected by at least one mental health issue. Here at Crescent Moon Recovery, we provide dual diagnosis treatment to make sure that every facet of the addiction is addressed. Dual diagnosis treatments are highly important for anyone who suffers from mental health problems. Without treating your mental health disorders, your recovery would likely be temporary. 

Many drug rehab centers overlook mental health issues that could be contributing to a person's addiction. Dual diagnosis treatment is a comprehensive solution that explores your addiction and the reasons behind it. Once this holistic exploration occurs, a more precise and individualized program can be administered to you. Throughout these programs, you'll receive assistance from physicians, therapists, family members, and people within the greater community.

How Long Should Addiction Recovery Programs Last?

There's no exact timetable for addiction treatment. No matter the type of drug rehab that you obtain, you can be enrolled in a program for anywhere from one month to a couple of years. At Crescent Moon Recovery, we work to provide our patients and clients with the treatments they need on the timeline that works best for them. Keep in mind that the amount of treatment that's needed for recovery depends on a variety of factors, which include everything from the severity of the addiction to the presence of any underlying mental health concerns. 

In the event that your addiction to a drug is relatively new and short-term in nature, it's possible that you would learn how to manage your addiction and the cravings that come with it in around a month. However, our drug rehab center is designed to accommodate any length of stay. At the end of the program, you will be ready to lead a life that's free from drugs.

How Much Addiction Rehab Programs Cost in Orange County

Before you decide to enter drug or alcohol rehab, it's important that you understand the costs associated with different substance abuse rehab centers and programs. Costs can vary significantly depending on your length of stay, the type of program you enter, and the exact facility that you enroll into. For instance, outpatient drug rehab is invariably going to be cheaper than residential rehab. On the other hand, residential rehab is a more comprehensive approach to addiction treatment and can be more effective at helping you recover from your addiction. No matter what your current budget is, you should be able to find a drug rehab program that meets your needs at a cost you can afford. 

If you decide to enter our drug rehab center, it's possible that some or all of your addiction treatment costs would be covered with insurance. For instance, our facility accepts HMO policies with HMC Healthworks as well as in-network coverage with TRICARE. We also accept a variety of out-of-network PPO plans through such providers as Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross & Blue Shield and more. Without insurance, the costs can differ depending on the extent of rehab that you receive. If you only obtain detox, the costs will be significantly lower. However, therapy is necessary to ensure that the possibility of relapse is minimized. 

Treatment itself can cost anywhere from $1,000 to tens of thousands of dollars. While these expenses may seem high, insurance is available for many people and can provide you with the coverage you require to seek help for your addiction. It's also important to understand that drug rehab is an investment. When you successfully recover from addiction, you can save thousands of dollars by no longer wasting your money on buying the drugs that you were addicted to.

How to Find the Right Drug Rehab Centers in Orange County

When you're searching for the right drug rehab centers in Orange County, there are a range of options at your disposal, which is why it's essential that you use certain search criteria to guide you along the way. At our drug rehab facility in Orange County, therapy can be administered for a wide range of addictions, which extend to:

  • Alcohol
  • Party drugs by PHP
  • Xanax
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Various drug names

We provide assistance with every facet of the recovery process, which extends to your personal relationships, finances, health, and employment. When you enter drug rehab at our facility, your treatment will be customized significantly to ensure that you're provided with a personalized level of care. Our Orange County drug rehab center delivers an environment that's safe and healthy for everyone who is recovering from addiction. If you're still unsure if drug rehab is right for you, some of the questions you should ask yourself include:

  • Are drugs commonly at the forefront of your mind?
  • Do you use drugs after getting upset with your friends or family?
  • Do you have financial problems as a result of your drug use?
  • Have you attempted to stop taking drugs but have been unable to do so?
  • Do you panic when you start to run out of drugs?
  • Has your performance at your job worsened because of your drug use with various drug names?
  • Have you been in legal trouble as a result of your drug use?
  • Have you ever overdosed on drugs?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, it's likely that you have become addicted to drugs, which can include various drug names. In this situation, drug rehab is necessary to learn how to manage your addiction. Without rehab, your addiction will likely become more severe to the point where your health and finances are worsening alongside your addiction. Seeking drug rehab is a great way to keep the negative effects of addiction at bay. Contact Coastline Behavioral Health today if you want to learn more about the benefits of drug rehab and the services that we provide.

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