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If you’re looking for an Orange County drug rehab you've arrived at the right place! We offer medical assistance and support to individuals dealing with alcohol and drug addiction. Our patient-focused approach ensures that you receive the best care possible when you visit our treatment facility.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts provides a broad range of addiction treatment programs to accommodate individual needs. Your choices include science-backed strategies, medical detox, mental health therapy, recreation activities, etc. Each session teaches you how to manage withdrawal symptoms and learn to live without drugs and alcohol.

Moreover, our Orange County addiction treatment programs are conducted in a relaxed and peaceful environment. This strategy helps keep patients calm and encourages them to open up about mental health troubles and inhibitions associated with their addiction. All this promotes a holistic and healthy transition from addiction to sobriety.

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Substance Abuse Treatment

The Opioid Crisis in Orange County has given rise to extreme levels of substance abuse we aim to tackle this epidemic through goal-oriented addiction treatment programs and constant support.

Our experienced team serves as mentors, accountability partners, and therapists for recovering addicts. We offer unconditional assistance during this challenging journey towards sobriety. These services revolve around different activities and mental health tools that offer positive distraction during treatment.

We create individualized treatment plans based on behavioral patterns and physical health. Our diagnosis begins from the start as you explain your journey and what you hope to change after rehab. Additionally, we keep an eye out for signs of relapse to mitigate risks.

These programs are integrated with therapy, medically assisted detox, and hands-on activities. Adopting new hobbies and recreational activities fills a void in recovering addicts’ life as they learn to enjoy life to the fullest without depending on bottles or pills.

Drug Rehab Orange County

Most drug addictions starts as dependency on prescribed pain medication or excessive consumption of recreational drugs. No matter where your journey begin, we give it a fresh start by introducing holistic rehabilitation strategies to initiate the recovery phase.

Our experts strive to develop individualized treatment plans that deal with your inhibitions and challenges on a personal level. Having an empathetic support system gives you an opportunity to resolve underlying issues and uncover the root cause of your addiction. The process begins with a comprehensive 1:1 consultation session to discuss goals and expectations from the get-go.

These are then followed by medical detox programs, group counseling, mental health therapy, and various aftercare support options. Having access to a diverse range of drug rehabilitation services accelerates the recovery process, making the transition easier for everyone.

Our rehab programs deal with different types of drug addictions.

These include:

• Barbiturate
• Benzo
• Cocaine
• Ecstasy
• Hallucinogen
• Heroin
• Marijuana
• Meth
• Opiate
• Painkillers (i.e. morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, etc.)

Most addiction treatment programs begin with medically assisted detoxification. These services ease your pain and ensure you receive professional assistance when your withdrawal symptoms become difficult to handle. Adding to this are various tried and tested aftercare programs to facilitate life after rehab.

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Alcoholism Treatment 

Alcoholics tend to drown their sorrows and insecurities in drinks. Their addiction might begin in social settings, but addiction forces them to drink in isolation. Familial conflicts, professional decline, and disinterest in outdoor activities are all common signs of addiction.

Our Orange County rehab gives you a second chance in life. We help you find your bearings after kicking the drinking habit. Treatments begin by deconstructing your enabling routine and resolving emotional issues. Here you get to confide in therapists and find comfort in support groups as you begin your 12-step journey towards recovery.

Moreover, we take these treatments beyond traditional techniques by incorporating holistic practices. Recovering alcoholics can participate in structured programs and outdoor activities to keep their minds off the bottle.

You also receive complete training on how to cope with triggers and manage the severe effects of withdrawal. Having an empathetic therapist facilitates progress during challenging phases. Subsequently, we set new routines and introduce recreational workshops to demonstrate how people can lead fuller lives without relying on mind-numbing substances.

Addiction Treatment Programs Orange County

Our Orange County drug rehab center replaces cookie cutter strategies with customized treatment plans. We focus on restoring physical and mental wellbeing through a series of rehabilitation programs designed to accommodate individual inhibitions and challenges that hinder progress.

We have hired a highly qualified team of experts to reach optimized outcomes for each program. All registered patients can work with specialists for one-on-one sessions along with group counsel sessions. In most cases, treatment strategies alternate between medical detox, mental health services, and recreational activities.

These integrated services ensure that patients remain alert and active during treatment.

Here’s a preview of our addiction treatment programs:

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP works for patients who are unable to (or don’t want to) sign up for residential rehabilitation services. These group-based programs focus on creating a structured routine for recovering addicts. It usually means that they visit the facility for a designated period to receive mental health therapy and recreational support.
As a result, they spend their days away from triggers and temptations, returning home at night to loved ones. We recommend these short-term sessions to individuals who have adequate support at home.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP)

IOP features weekly or routine in-person visits to our rehab center for addiction treatment and counseling. Patients can receive treatment based on flexible schedules. These can accommodate their lifestyle choices and rehabilitation requirements.

This program consists of medically approved strategies along with a strong support system. We also provide a full range of mental health services (i.e. private sessions, group therapy, and coping mechanism) to resolve internal struggles. With our assistance, you learn to live without drugs and alcohol without any issue.


Outpatient Treatment Program

Individuals unable to receive inpatient treatment can opt for the outpatient addiction treatment program. It features frequent in-person appointments to resolve addiction challenges and discuss coexisting mental health problems. These are backed by one-on-one therapy sessions and peer-based practices and family-focused therapy sessions.

OTP schedule relies on individual goals and motivations. We also consider the length of addiction and severity of substance abuse. We also include patients’ personal progress to experience optimized results and minimize the risk of relapse.

Mental Health Treatment

Almost half of the population struggling with addiction has either always suffered from mental health issues or developed them post-addiction. Due to this, it becomes essential to incorporate mental health treatment into rehabilitation programs for complete support.

At Crescent Moon Rehab Center Orange County LLC - Outpatient IOP Program, we observe the best mental health practices by integrating addiction treatment with mental health therapy sessions. Our counselors and therapists work closely with recovering addicts to monitor their mental health and emotional wellbeing. We tailor these services around individual needs to eliminate disruptive behavioral patterns and debilitative doubts about recovery.

Having a strong support system equips recovering addicts with mental health tools and coping strategies to overcome despair and addiction. People use these tactics to deal lead content lives and bid goodbye to many common mental health issues.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis covers coexisting mental health issues and substance abuse disorders. We mostly deal with mild to chronic mental health problems (i.e. stress, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder). Most of these issues preexist before addiction and serve as triggers for substance abuse. Without proper care and attention, patients might engage in self-inflicting activities.

We set things right through comprehensive mental health programs. These sessions cover all the basis from private therapy, group counseling, and self-management techniques against everyday stressors. You might receive medically assisted detox services and other potential rehabilitation options. It all depends on how you respond to this treatment.



Anxious people have a higher risk of silencing their negative thoughts through substance abuse (like alcohol and drugs). These individuals experience insomnia, nausea, headaches, heart palpitations, and mood swings when their anxiety escalates. Our therapists explore ways to keep you calm and positive.



If you deal with despair and a general feeling of hopelessness, you might have depression. A disinterest in life follows these episodes as you separate yourself from social activities and responsibilities. Daytime drowsiness, brain fog, weight gain/loss, and mood swings are common signs of depression.
We offer a series of individualized counseling sessions and peer group activities. These direct you towards a positive and prosperous life.


Medication Assisted Detox

Medication assisted detox programs focus on reducing debilitative withdrawal symptoms and mood inbalances after you stop using drugs/alcohol. Patients often require 24/7 supervision and medication in a controlled environment.

After this, patients receive scientific-supported treatment to manage severe side effects.

We are open 24 Hours Per Day. 

Are you or your loved ones combating substance abuse? Crescent Moon Recovery of Newport Beach is here to support your journey towards recovery. Visit our drug rehabilitation center in Newport Beach to discover personalized addiction treatment programs. Call 949-239-0911 today to schedule an appointment.


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