Whale Watching

If you’re tired of strolling around the beach, we recommend booking a whale watching tour in Newport Beach. These daytime excursions are some of the best water activities in this coastal region. The city’s geographical location presents animal lovers with the best vantage point to spot a friendly fin.

So grab some binoculars and head over to the top attractions in Newport.

Here’s what you can expect from the trip:

An Adventurous Whale Watching Tour in Newport Beach

Most whale watchers visit the coastal town between January to April to catch a glimpse of humpback whales and gray whales. You might even spot friendly dolphins and playful sea lions during this season. If you want to see blue and finback whales, you might get lucky after May. Alternatively, October to December is the best season for minke whales.

In other words, the best time to book a whale-watching tour depends on what you want to see.

The Timeline

Most whale watching tours in Newport Beach include a full narration of how and why whale watching became popular in the area. Your tour guide will share fun facts about local whale species as you discuss migration patterns. You can also learn how to identify different types of whales by their physical appearance.

Your trip can last for 1-2 hours or half a day depending on the itinerary. The journey might begin from the Newport Beach pier and take you around Balboa Island and other coastal points.

Remember to bundle up to stay warm in the evening and grab some snacks to munch during a longer trip.

How Much Does It Cost?

The total cost for s whale watching tour in Newport varies from one package to another. Be prepared to pay around $25 to $45 for this adventurous expedition. There’s a chance that you might get a discount if you have children below 6-10 or senior citizens in your group.

Alternatively, you might have to pay over $50 if you book a VIP pass. These whale watching trips come with luxury amenities and a chance to sit with the captain.

Apart from this, local companies that book private watching trips might charge more. Many families prefer this option as it offers a more intimate experience with only loved ones on the boat besides the crew. Do note that private boats tend to be smaller than the other whale watching vessels. They can accommodate approximately 15 passengers (including the crew).

It’s best to do a comparative market analysis to get a better idea of the prices. Then choose a whale watching tour in Newport Beach that gives you the best value for your money.

Parting Words

Your trip to this coastal city will be incomplete if you miss one of the top attractions in Newport. We recommend a whale watching tour for anyone who’s interested in spending a day marveling at aquatic life and taking in the scenic sights around the city. Make the most of this experience by selecting a budget-friendly expedition that meets individual expectations and preferences.

Have fun!

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