Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve

The state bought the Upper Newport Bay to create an Ecological Reserve System for the local Fish and Wildlife Department in 1975.  It became a part of the regional Orange County State Park. The reserve center continues to thrive over the years and bring residents and visitors of the West Coast closer to nature.

Locals call this area the Back Bay. It covers thousands of acres of salt marsh, mudflat, and thriving marsh habitats. It’s a hotspot for migrating birds, various species of fish, and natural fauna. Having these natural elements around paves the way for environmental, educational, and recreational opportunities. 

Here are some things you can do during your visit:  

Engage in Leisure Activities within the Park 

If you love exploring the great outdoors, you will enjoy the activities offered at Upper Newport Bay. Spend this time touring preserved lands and learning how the dedicated team of the reserve center works to save endangered species. 

Wildlife sightseeing options include:

  • Kayaks and canoe rides to spot migratory birds perched on trees or standing near the shore
  • Hiking or trekking in the woodlands.
  • Short walks or jogs in the park if you prefer a more peaceful activity. 

Apart from this, you can keep an eye out for scheduled events at the Back Bay Science Center. It’s an excellent opportunity to plan a fun educational trip for young ones. These interactive and sporty factors make it one the top attractions in Newport Beach.

A Haven for Flora and Fauna 

Upper Newport Bay serves as a winter home for hundreds of migratory birds that fly in from colder regions (i.e., Alaska and Canada). These marshlands and woodlands offer a sanctuary to various endangered species. These include Ridgway’s rail, Least Bell’s vireo, and California’s least tern. Some migratory birds have become a year-round fixture within this region. 

Besides this, the reserve center is home to bobcats, raccoons, desert shrews, and coyotes. You can book tours to become acquainted with the local residents (aka native animals and visiting feathered friends).

The Bottom Line 

Lastly, plan a visit to Upper Newport Bay to appreciate the local flora and fauna. Get insight into how the conservation center works and what you can do to support their efforts. People living in the vicinity can volunteer for group projects to help the primary team. 

Overall, it is an excellent place to unwind and forget woes associated with the concrete jungle.

How would you spend your day at Back Bay?

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