The Wedge

If you love surfing and water sports, then you’ve probably heard about the Wedge. It’s one of the top attractions in Newport Beach for surfers and beach lovers everywhere. The ocean here forms some of the largest waves on the West Coast, with the highest wave measuring up to 30 feet. 

Visitors come from near and far to either watch these spectacular riptides or make an attempt to ride them.

Learn the secret behind these incredibly high tides and things you can do on the shore.

Why Are the Tidal Waves So High at the Wedge?

High waves at Newport Beach are a result of an altered rock jetty. These changes were made way back in the 1930s to protect the infamous harbor. As time passed, the jetty began to change the direction of oncoming waves. When a wave comes at a specific angle (predominantly south swell), the jetty reflects it. This causes high tides and unpredictable backwash as multiple waves begin to form (and combine) to create bigger riptides.

Pro-tip: Only skilled and experienced swimmers can ride this irregular pattern as it’s risky.

What Else Can You Do at the Wedge?

Visitors who aren’t huge fans of surfing can always opt for other activities. You can have fun in the sand by building sandcastles, walking barefoot on the toasty sand, or playing games. Alternatively, you can go sightseeing to look at picturesque luxury beach houses dotting the coastline.

If you’re staying for the whole day, you may add a visit to Balboa Island to your schedule. Take a ferry ride to the quintessential town and spend the evening at the pier. There are tons of activities and games for visitors of all ages. For instance, you can watch the sunset from its excellent vantage point while young ones play in the game zone.

In a Nutshell

The Wedge serves as a top attraction in Newport Beach for surfers and water sport enthusiasts. Plan an action-packed day here to have lots of fun under the sun as you hit some big waves. Parking can be challenging here due to its popularity.

Yet, you can make things work by coming in early or parking your vehicle at a walking distance to the beach.

Ready to hit the Wedge? Remember to check the weather forecast to ensure that the conditions are favorable for a beach day.

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