Pelican Hill Golf Course

If you have some time to spare to golf, we recommend heading to the Pelican Hill Golf Club. It ranks high on the list of top attractions in Newport Beach tourists love to visit during their trip. Even non-golfers consider it a sight to behold with its artistic design and lush green scenery.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can do at this recreational space:

Practice Your Swing on a World-Class Golf Course 

The Pelican Hill Golf Club is a golfer’s dream come true. It has everything from strategically placed holes, clever use of natural slopes and impeccably manicured courses. These design details make it a championship golf course with two sections, i.e., Ocean North and Ocean South Courses.

This decision makes golf more fun.

Each of these features a unique layout that blends with the topographical features around it. This is all thanks to the talented team of architects and crew members. Head architect Tom Fazio envisioned a state-of-the-art golf course for recreational and professional pursuits. His efforts have elevated the complete look of this terrific terrain—making it a masterpiece.

Instead of jutting out and feeling out of place, this golf course has a natural appearance.  

Primary reasons to visit the Pelican Hill Golf Club include:

  • Various golf course challenges available for loyal members and pro-golfing practices
  • Breathtaking views all around to make your visit more enjoyable  
  • High-class amenities (like a locker room and golf carts) to accommodate individual needs
  • A café to satisfy your hunger after a tedious tee time

The collective elements enhance your golfing experience.

Enjoy Some Much Needed R & R at the Resort

You can stay at the Resort at Pelican Hill if you want to head to the golf course more than once. The hotel offers luxury suites, 5-star restaurants, and oceanfront rooms.

More importantly, all the top attractions in Newport Beach are a short drive away from this place. Subsequently, its prime location allows you to create an action-packed itinerary without trouble.

The Verdict

On the whole, Pelican Hill Golf Club goes above and beyond to meet golfers’ expectations. It appeals to professionals and amateurs alike as they travel from near and far to take a shot on this spectacular golf course.

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