Tracy Dunn - Facilitator

Tracy Dunn


Tracy Dunn is a National Interventionist and Addiction Coach who has received training at the Crossroads Recovery Coaching Academy of Seattle Washington and The Addiction Academy in Miami Florida. As the daughter of Roger Dunn of the Roger Dunn Golf Stores , Tracy knows all too well the dramatic impact that fame and addiction can have on the family system.

Her professional training partnered with over 34 years of sobriety has led Tracy to being deeply committed to both saving and changing the lives of those struggling with addiction.

As a group facilitator, she works collaboratively with her clients to help them focus on the action they will need to take to recognize the vision they will have for themselves. As an interventionist she has helped many families to overcome the paralyzing grip of addiction by teaching accountability, compassion and the other tools needed to break the cycle of addiction and maintain sobriety.

Tracy works with the media, treatment facilities, interventionists, therapists, addiction psychiatrists and consults with professionals in various treatment facilities. Her dedication to saving lives has given a dynamic voice of recovery to those who had previously given up hope and the belief that they are able to create their own successes.

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