Cindy - Case Manager

Cindy Connelly, LMFT

Clinical Director

Cindy Connelly is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been Clinical Director at several treatment centers over the past 20 years in addition to maintaining a private practice in Mission Viejo, Ca. Prior to her LMFT licensure, she had a business career in the insurance industry managing others for more than 25 years. After engaging in her own therapy and experiencing the life changing results, she left her corporate job and returned to school, earning her Masters Degree at Chapman University, all while raising her 2 boys as a single mom.

She brings a unique set of skills to Crescent Moon Recovery, incorporating her management and clinical experience over the years. Her treatment philosophy is reflected below:

“We must believe in others until they can believe in themselves. Addicts are not    defective. They are wounded individuals that lack the coping skills to address the  stressors of daily living. Our role is to meet them where they are and assist them in   understanding why they use drugs/alcohol as their main coping mechanism. Once they  understand this, we can individualize their plan to give them the tools they need to live productive lives.”

Cindy is empathetic, caring, and compassionate about what she does. Her desire is to impact those struggling with addiction and mental health issues, addressing unresolved childhood trauma/grief and their impact on addictive behaviors. Her work with Complex PTSD in a co-occurring disorder treatment setting is guided by SAMHSA Trauma Informed Care guidelines, working with all employees in creating a safe environment that allows for in-depth work. “Connection is the correction.” She has been a member International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies for more than 15 years and continues to keep abreast of the latest research regarding addiction and trauma.

“When we become aware of our unconscious processes, we can change how we interact with the world and can gain a sense of mastery over our lives.”

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