Balboa Island

Taking a trip to Newport Beach?

Try not to miss out on the opportunity to visit Balboa Island during your stay. The man-made island connects to the mainland by a bridge. You can head over to the peninsula via a short drive or ferry ride, whichever you find more convenient.  The proximity makes it a popular top attraction in Newport Beach.

Here’s an overview of everything you can do at Balboa Island:

Have Fun in the Sun

Ferries operate between 6:30 am till midnight to and from Newport Beach to Balboa Island. It’s a ten-minute ride by the sea. Once there, you can spend the day exploring the great outdoors as you take in sights of this cozy little coastline community.

If you like the water, you can head over to the nautical rental shops to get paddleboats, kayaks, fishing equipment, or sailboats.  If you prefer land over water, you can rent a bike to explore the quaint location. With nearly 0.2 miles to cover, bicycles have become an eco-friendly and enjoyable way to travel around the island.

Shop till You Drop

Balboa Island is home to chic boutiques, souvenir gift shops, and specialty shops.  Marine Avenue serves as its main marketplace. Here you can buy thrifty finds, from local art and crafts and handmade jewelry to nautical-themed clothes.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth& Seafood Cravings

Marine Avenue’s food street is another reason why Balboa Island is atop attraction in Newport Beach. Local restaurants and bistros serve delicious savory delights jam-packed with flavors.  Fresh seafood is cooked in Italian, French-Swiss, and hearty coastal styles.

Many people visit the area to try out the island’s signature desserts; Balboa Bar and Frozen Banana. The first treat features an ice cream bar coated in candy. Frozen Banana is a local rendition of a banana split with tasty toppings (like nuts, sprinkles, and candy).  Sugar ‘N Spice and Dad’s Donut and Bakery Shop pull in the crowds with their unique version of these special treats.

The Last Stop: Balboa Fun Zone

Many families and solo travelers make the Fun Zone their final stop at this island.  Newport residents built this recreational area way back in 1936. Despite multiple renovations over the decades, locals manage to keep its adventurous spirit alive.

Take a trip down memory lane and introduce the younger generation to old school games as you walk along the bayside boardwalk. There are several different activities available here. Popular choices include the Ferris wheel and Arcade Room.  You can opt for an evening cruise or line up for whale watching before the sun sets on this wonderful waterfront locale.

In a Nutshell

Overall, a visit to Balboa Island is a throwback to the good old days. It’s the perfect blend of modern amenities and traditional traveling activities. These characteristics make it an unforgettable experience for anyone who visits the area.

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