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Substance use disorder (SUD) is a mental disorder that occurs when an individual’s substance use causes a change in behavior and brain chemistry, which leads to an inability to control their use of drugs or alcohol. This disorder can lead to self-destructive behaviors that can affect a person’s relationships and job as well as their physical and mental health. The symptoms of co-occurring mental health disorders can worsen, and they may even feel more tempted to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. With the help of a professional clinical staff, individual addiction therapy, and peer support, participants of an addiction treatment program will be able to tackle their obstacles with substance use and begin their lives in recovery.

Newport Beach is located in Orange County, California, a national hub for the recovery community. Not only does this area of the country contain beautiful local beaches, a great Southern California climate, and mountain views, but individuals will feel included in a supportive community that will play an important role in their motivation for success in recovery. 

Receiving SUD treatment in Newport Beach will provide you will access to: 

  • A dedicated recovery community 
  • Peer support 
  • An ideal climate with wonderful resources 
  • Some of the best addiction treatment centers in the nation 
  • Tips on how to live an active, healthy lifestyle

Crescent Moon Recovery is located one town away from Newport Beach, allowing us to easily serve residents of this area and utilize all this region has to offer for our participants. We provide high-quality, patient-centered addiction treatment for anyone suffering from substance use and co-occurring disorders in an outpatient setting. 

Begin Your Journey with Crescent Moon Recovery 

At Crescent Moon Recovery, conveniently located 10 minutes from Newport Beach, participants will have access to evidence-based interventions and resources that will address each area of their lives affected by addiction. Our whole-person approach to addiction treatment will utilize cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), alongside activities and peer support in Huntington Beach and surrounding areas through outpatient programs. 

Our dedicated team will support and encourage our participants through every stage of recovery because we truly believe in their success. Here at Crescent Moon Recovery, we understand that addiction is not due to moral failing but from a complex interaction of psychological, environmental, social, physical, and spiritual factors. We will build a community around our participants that will help them become advocates of their own healing.  

Patient-Centered Care  

Through open and honest conversations with our licensed therapists and psychologists, participants discuss their goals and needs in recovery, and professionals will work with them to design a unique treatment program. This is our contribution toward providing the people of the Newport Beach area with patient-centered, whole-person care.


Sober Living Houses in Newport Beach  

Crescent Moon Recovery and our trusted partners will provide our participants with sober living homes close to the beaches of Orange County, including Newport Beach. We will make sure our participants have transportation to our facilities so they can attend individual therapy and peer-led support groups like: 

  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • SMART Recovery
  • Refuge Recovery 

Participants of Crescent Moon Recovery will live in homes with peers while they receive various treatment services and heal their bodies, minds, and spirits from SUD. 

Residing in a sober living home during outpatient treatment at Crescent Moon Recovery means our participants will have access to constant guidance and support. Housemates will be able to hold each other accountable for their goals in recovery and provide companionship and support to one another. These fellow participants will likely be the first sober friends they have made in a while. These meaningful bonds can motivate individuals to continue their lives in recovery. Unlike inpatient care, receiving outpatient care while residing in a sober living home will allow participants to build independence and confidence around living on their own. 

Treatment Services at Crescent Moon Recovery 

Because addiction affects each individual and their loved ones differently, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. Each participant will be evaluated to determine which evidence-based approaches will contribute to their overall healing and growth. For this reason, Crescent Moon Recovery provides participants with many different interventions to ensure we meet their needs in recovery. Residents of Newport Beach are one call and a ten-minute car ride away from receiving the high-quality addiction treatment services that Crescent Moon has to offer. 

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 

CBT is a form of behavioral therapy aimed at healing and correcting harmful patterns of thinking that lead to self-destructive behaviors. By replacing negative thought patterns with more positive, motivating ones, participants will begin to believe in their ability to overcome SUD. This form of therapy can help individuals identify the thoughts and moods that motivate them to use drugs or alcohol. CBT will teach participants how to be aware of and correct this kind of thinking before it causes significant problems and changes in behavior. Crescent Moon Recovery believes in the proven effectiveness of this therapy for treating SUD. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) 

DBT is utilized by addiction therapists to offer their clients tools for positive change that they can continue to use for their whole life. It focuses on finding the balance between self-acceptance and change to motivate participants to advocate for their own success in recovery. By utilizing mindfulness techniques and cognitive-behavioral therapy properties, DBT has proven to be highly effective in treating SUD, eating disorders, and borderline personality disorders. 

Experiential Therapy  

Experiential therapy encourages participants to express their negative emotions through positive activities. Individuals participating in experiential therapy may go horseback riding, hiking, boating, bike riding, or paint a picture as an exercise to ease worries or negative thoughts and emotions that are impacting their ability to succeed in recovery. This form of therapy is excellent for participants who may have negative experiences with therapy because it will show them that therapy does not always have to occur indoors on a couch. 

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment  

Often, the motivation to continually use drugs or alcohol stems from experiencing symptoms of co-occurring mental disorders. In an attempt to self-medicate feelings of depression, anxiety, compulsivity, and other mental health effects, individuals may find themselves psychologically or physically dependent on drugs or alcohol. Crescent Moon Recovery believes that treating substance use and co-occurring disorders at the same time will result in higher rates of success in recovery. 

Our licensed therapists and psychologists will develop a treatment plan involving individual, group, and family therapy to support and contribute to our participants’ overall healing and growth. During this time, participants will be able to become aware of how their mental health affects their desire to use drugs or alcohol. 

Alumni Services 

While Crescent Moon Recovery believes that aftercare should begin the minute participants begin a treatment program, we also provide our participants with aftercare such as alumni services. Once a participant has graduated from our outpatient treatment program, the first thing we will do is celebrate with them! Completing treatment for SUD is an incredible achievement that deserves to be commemorated. We will then induct them into our Crescent Moon Alumni Membership, where they can connect with other alumni, be invited to our events, and be welcomed back to share their experiences with current participants. 

The participants of our programs are never forgotten, and Crescent Moon Recovery will continue to be a beacon of hope for them throughout their ongoing journey of recovery. 

Sober Activities in Newport Beach, CA

Here at Crescent Moon Recovery, we like to introduce our participants to the wonderful community surrounding Huntington Beach and open their minds to the many sober activities this region has to offer. When an individual is in active addiction, they spend a significant amount of time searching for, using, and being under the influence of substances. Once they begin the recovery process, they quickly become aware of how much time that really is. Finding new ways to fill this time and relieve stress will help fight boredom and find new hobbies. 

Beach Activities  

Spending time outside absorbing some Vitamin D is a great way to relieve stress and activate one’s body and mind. Crescent Moon Recovery takes advantage of the beautiful weather in Orange County by hosting outdoor, peer-led support groups. Beach visits will open opportunities for surfing, hiking, and just relaxing in the sand. This is a natural way to relieve stress and elevate one’s mood, opening participants up and allowing them to be more receptive to therapy. 

Outdoor Sports 

Getting the heart racing will allow participants to channel their energy, anxieties, and frustrations into a healthy, fun, physical activity. Substance use affects not only someone’s mind but also their body. Engaging the body in sports and exercise will help build physical strength and confidence toward long-term recovery. 

Crescent Moon Recovery participants often enjoy activities such as:

  • Hiking 
  • Bike riding
  • Paddleboarding
  • Golf 
  • Horseback riding 
  • Boating 
  • Surfing 

These sports can also act as great opportunities for teamwork and building bonds amongst participants. Crescent Moon Recovery enjoys creating a fun, entertaining experience for our participants so they will have great memories of their time in treatment. 

Theme Park Visits  

Orange County and Los Angeles County have many theme parks available to locals and tourists that offer tons of fun for thrill-seekers. Disneyland is only a day trip away, and Crescent Moon Recovery participants have been known to make an appearance there! These fun activities can relieve the stress and heavy emotions that can be experienced during the early stages of the recovery process. It can also bring back fond memories from childhood that can motivate participants toward the positive change they are working toward. 

Newport Beach Meetings  

When someone first begins recovery from drug or alcohol use, it can be difficult making meaningful connections with other sober individuals. AA, NA, SMART Recovery, or other support group meetings for SUD can be a great way to form bonds with people that will support one’s sobriety efforts and encourage success and well-being in recovery. 

Attending these meetings regularly will allow participants to learn more about substance use and share their experiences with a group of encouraging individuals that won’t judge them. Additionally, spending time in these group meetings each week will hold individuals accountable. It has been proven that continuing to attend peer-led support groups following treatment decreases the probability of relapse. 

Newport Beach has many meetings across the area for individuals struggling with narcotics, alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs. Crescent Moon Recovery will help those in need by finding meetings most convenient for them. Meetings can also easily be found online by searching “meetings near me.”

intensive outpatient program IOP 32


Get the Help You Need Today!

Receiving treatment for SUD from licensed psychiatrists and therapists in a safe environment may just save your life. Call Crescent Moon Recovery to receive high-quality, patient-centered care in the beautiful Huntington Beach area at (714) 464-8474.

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