Visit the Balboa Pier in Newport Beach, CA

Balboa Pier is one of the most popular attractions in Newport Beach, CA. Balboa Pier offers a great pier that stretches out into the ocean and has some amazing restaurants on its boardwalk. Balboa Pier also has lots of shops to explore with an eclectic mix of stores for everyone. You can’t go wrong when you visit Balboa pier during your next trip to Newport Beach! Learn more here.

A Balboa Pier is an iconic symbol of Southern California. Balboa Piers are open-air piers that offer a great view and some epic memories to be shared with friends and family. Balboa Piers in Newport Beach, CA, was constructed in 1914 by William McKinley Jr., who wanted to create the “Hawaii of America” on our West Coast! This pier was built for sand yachts and featured many amenities, including cafes, restaurants, shops, public toilets (gasp!), childrens’ playgrounds such as merry-go-rounds, and swingsets. Balboa did not have amusement rides – or at least any permanent ones – but they soon became popular with locals because they could accommodate larger crowds than just those who frequented Balboa Beach. Learn more about Newport Bay Conservancy in Newport Beach, CA: Sustaining Our Local Environment.

Balboa Beach is popular with locals as well because it has many amenities for families such as public toilets, children’s playgrounds like merry-go-rounds and swingsets, restaurants/cafes, shops – but Balboa does not have amusement rides.

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Newport Beach is the perfect destination spot for getaways with friends, romantic retreats, and family vacations. Nestled on the golden stretches of the Pacific coastline, this beautiful city epitomizes the sophisticated lifestyle of Southern California.

Visitors celebrate this picturesque seaside destination for its natural beauty, vibrant community, coastal cuisine, and world-class shopping. The Cottages of Crystal Cove can be rented for an unforgettable retreat for visitors looking for an opportunity to admire California’s timeless beauty.

The best way to make the most of Newport Beach vacation is by signing up for a Duffy Boat experience. This tour showcases the city’s mansions, sailboats, and yachts and highlights the area’s natural and architectural beauty.

For shopping lovers, Fashion Island serves as heaven! Offering magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean, this luxurious open-air shopping center features various anchor stores and specialty boutiques. Additionally, the Fun Zone at Balboa Village promises affordable entertainment for visitors of all ages.
The fine dining experience in Newport Beach is also exceptional. Mastro’s Ocean Club is recognized for a combination of highly acclaimed cuisine, energetic atmosphere, live entertainment, and fantastic service. Nobu, a famous Japanese restaurant, also attracts many visitors, serving delicious food with stunning views of the Newport Harbor.

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