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Orange County Drug & alcohol rehab at Crescent Moon Recovery 

Crescent Moon Recovery provides men and women suffering from substance use and co-occurring disorders with a safe environment in which to recover and receive high-quality addiction treatment. In both of our locations, Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley, our participants will be invited into a supportive community of peers and licensed professionals who will provide resources, therapy, and companionship throughout every step of their journey in recovery. 

Because Crescent Moon Recovery is so conveniently located, we are able to serve the residents of Costa Mesa, L.A. County, and Orange County with evidence-based therapeutic modalities and patient-centered care. This area is a national hub for the recovery community, providing our participants with ample support and understanding. The ideal climate, beautiful sandy beaches, and outdoor activities all ensure our participants have a positive outlook throughout their journey. 

Crescent Moon Recovery is located seven miles from downtown Costa Mesa. Our team, with a combined experience of 20 years of addiction treatment experience, is able to treat residents of Costa Mesa at a facility that is JHACO accredited for treating the effects of substance use and co-occurring disorders. 

Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Costa Mesa 

Substance use disorders (SUDs) develop when chronic use of drugs or alcohol begins to significantly affect an individual’s behavior, mental health, finances, and relationships. SUD can affect anyone of any age and status and, without proper treatment, can claim the lives of those affected by it. 

Signs of SUD include: 

  • An inability to stop using a substance despite the effects it has on an individual’s life 
  • Secluding oneself from family or friends for fear of judgment and confrontation 
  • A decreased sensitivity to natural pleasures like food or hobbies that were once enjoyed 
  • Requiring a higher amount of a substance in order to achieve the same effects 
  • Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal should an individual try to stop using 

Chronic substance use will begin to change the reward circuits in the brain to seek substances for their euphoric effects. Despite the impact it has on an individual’s life, they may be unable to stop using without the help of medical professionals. Costa Mesa provides residents of the area with high-quality addiction treatment that prioritizes their needs and goals in recovery with a whole-person approach. 

Crescent Moon Recovery in Orange County provides treatment for men and women suffering from the effects of SUD in a safe, accredited facility. With peer support, individual and group therapy, and trusted therapeutic approaches, our participants will begin to become advocates for their own success in recovery. 

Treatment Programs at Crescent Moon Recovery 

Addiction can become all-encompassing, claiming priority over any and all responsibilities in someone’s life. Crescent Moon Recovery understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction recovery. We will take the time to get to know each and every one of our participants and their unique goals and needs in recovery so we can develop a personalized care plan to ensure long-term healing from SUD. 

Different levels of addiction treatment will involve similar therapeutic interventions, but each program will require participants to be onsite for a determined amount of time each week. Each of these programs will focus on the participants’ strengths and weaknesses, encouraging growth and positive change in their lives. 

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP is the highest level of care offered by Crescent Moon Recovery. This co-ed program will provide participants with structure, community, and sober living options alongside proven addiction therapies to help them reinvent their lives in recovery. PHP at Crescent Moon Recovery follows a detox treatment program and helps participants heal from the more lasting effects of SUD. This program will require participants to be onsite or present for activities around 20 to 30 hours a week. During this time, they will be able to receive healing from the effects of substance use and co-occurring disorders in a safe, positive environment. 

Learn more about Crescent Moon Recovery’s PHP in Costa Mesa here. 

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Participants of Crescent Moon Recovery’s IOP will begin working toward building a fulfilling life in recovery by looking after their health and wellness. Because outpatient programs require participants to be onsite during the day while returning home in the evening, it is only recommended for individuals who are at a lower risk for relapse. This program will provide the same treatment options as residential care, such as MAT, individual and group therapy, experiential therapy, and wellness and life skills classes. 

Learn more about Crescent Moon Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program here

Outpatient Program 

Outpatient programs allow participants more freedom and responsibility, and they can be a great way to transition participants from residential care to their lives following treatment. Crescent Moon Recovery’s outpatient program will integrate family life and drug treatment to learn how substance use has affected their lives. We will focus on healing our participants’ minds, bodies, and spirits from the lasting effects of drug or alcohol use. 

Learn more about Crescent Moon Recovery’s Outpatient Program here. 

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment 

Mental health disorders and SUDs have a complicated relationship that can be outlined by both the negative impact and effects they have on each other. The chronic symptoms of mental health disorders may influence individuals to attempt to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. This attempt to self-medicate could have adverse effects on mental health symptoms. 

This relationship is the main focus of our dual-diagnosis treatment. Treatment programs at Crescent Moon Recovery will involve acknowledging this relationship and educating participants on how their co-occurring disorders affect their lives in recovery. Our licensed therapists and psychiatrists will treat co-occurring conditions along with addiction to ensure the long-term recovery of our participants. 

Co-occurring mental health disorders may include: 

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Codependency 
  • Personality disorders 
  • Schizophrenia 

These disorders and their effects can worsen symptoms of drug withdrawal and cause significant stress that may tempt individuals to relapse. Through peer support groups and individual therapy, our participants can work through these hurdles by having the strong support system and resources they need. Participants will not be alone in their struggles with mental health when they are receiving treatment at Crescent Moon Recovery. 

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Sober Activities in Costa Mesa 

Once someone begins treatment for SUD, they may begin to notice how much free time they now have that was previously taken up with seeking out, using, and being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Fighting this boredom by finding engaging activities in which they can express themselves will be a very important practice to prevent relapse. 

Crescent Moon Recovery utilizes experiential therapy, which will allow participants to channel their energy and emotions into healthy activities, making them more perceptive to treatment. By taking advantage of the beautiful climate and fun outdoor activities that Costa Mesa has to offer, our participants will be able to learn about themselves and form bonds with their peers. 

Theme Park Visits 

For our thrill-seeking participants, Crescent Moon Recovery will offer theme park visits to the many fantastic theme parks in Orange County. While receiving treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders can involve lots of introspection, conversation, and determination, it is also essential that participants are able to have fun and begin to form positive memories in recovery. Visiting theme parks and destinations in the area will remind our participants of the fun they can have in sobriety and motivate them to continue to lead self-directed lives. 

Beach Days 

Orange County, California, is known for its long, sandy beaches. Crescent Moon Recovery in Huntington Beach will allow participants of our addiction treatment programs to enjoy the ideal climate and warm, relaxing days on the beach. Activities and sports on the beach will help our participants engage their bodies in exercise while forming pleasant memories with their closest, sober peers. 

Beach activities that Crescent Moon Recovery’s participants are no strangers to include: 

  • Kayaking 
  • Sunbathing 
  • Surfing 
  • Paddleboarding 
  • Horse riding 
  • Hiking 

Absorbing some rays and relieving stress will leave our participants feeling better both physically and mentally than they may have felt in a long time. 

Outdoor Peer-Led Support Groups 

Even though Crescent Moon Recovery has a highly accredited facility, nothing beats the Southern California climate. We take advantage of this gorgeous weather by holding peer-led support groups outdoors. Oftentimes, participants may not feel as comfortable in a clinical setting, so we want them to get the most out of their time in treatment by inviting them into a more welcoming environment. 

Exploring the Town 

Costa Mesa and its surrounding California towns are home to great theaters, museums, parks, and concert venues. Spending time exploring the town during free time will allow participants to learn more about the location and inspire them to try new hobbies and activities. Crescent Moon Recovery is conveniently located in Huntington Beach, allowing our participants the opportunity to learn more about themselves and bond with their peers. This will begin healing the social challenges that can develop from isolation brought on by substance use. 

Crescent Moon Recovery Alumni Services

Each participant who graduates from their treatment program at Crescent Moon Recovery will be invited into our Alumni Membership. Being alumni of Crescent Moon Recovery means being able to continue to stay in contact with the caring professionals who helped them through the beginning stages of recovery. This can be very beneficial following treatment, as life challenges and managing stress can become a factor in relapse. 

Our alumni will be welcomed back to Crescent Moon Recovery for barbecues, to speak at group meetings, and for our events. Our main hope is that our alumni will be comforted knowing our staff remains by their side even after leaving our care. If alumni reside in Costa Mesa, it will be easy to visit familiar faces and meet up with some of their peers if they are experiencing challenges or want to share a triumph. 

Sober Living Homes at Crescent Moon Recovery 

Crescent Moon Recovery and our partners provide participants with sober living homes in Costa Mesa and along the beaches of California. These sober living homes will be an excellent resource for individuals coming to Crescent Moon Recovery from another state or if participants do not have stable, sober living arrangements. Participants will be able to stay at these homes with their housemates during treatment. 

Living with fellow sober peers and adhering to a treatment schedule will instill responsibility and hold participants accountable in recovery. As they receive treatment to heal their minds, bodies, and spirits from the effects of SUD, residents of our sober living homes will receive constant guidance and support.

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Receiving treatment for substance use disorder in a trusted environment surrounded by supportive, experienced professionals could save your life. Call Crescent Moon Recovery at (714) 464-8474 today to learn more about our personalized treatment options and begin your journey to living a self-directed life.

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